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Every situation is unique and the best treatment plan is one designed to fit each child’s specific needs. Each type of therapy has its own benefits. After the intake and evaluation, our clinical team will work with you to find the most beneficial therapy plan for you and your family.

Social Skills Group

A crucial component of ABA Therapy is working on how your child adapts to social situations. A social skills group can help your child learn to respond appropriately across a wide range of social situations.


This therapy is provided across a broad range of situations while constructing an inclusive environment with peers who are on the same social skill level.


Working on communication and social skills in these environments can create good social habits and work on providing lasting life skills. Engaging with peers leads to problem solving, flexibility, properly dealing with emotions, and learning age-appropriate topics.


Group activities provide a safe place for children to develop real-life skills, which can help set them up for a lifetime of success.

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