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Initial Intake

Getting started and our evaluation process

In Home Therapy

ABA Therapy in the comfort of your own home

Social Skills Group

A safe place for children to develop real-life skills


Our remote ABA Therapy Program 

School Based Therapy

How we support the education process


Focused or comprehensive ABA programs within our center

Professional Certification Program

For professionals looking to become Board Certified Behavior Analysts



Your child is not the only one in the family who needs assistance and support during the therapy process.


Bright Futures provides training, consultations, and other family services through our BCBA. Additional services include: 

Parent Training

Trainings aim to help parents address challenging behaviors properly.

Ongoing Behavior Consultations

Ongoing support helps parents problem solve issues that arise outside of therapy.


These consultations will also be used to provide updates and encourage parents to work on skills outside of scheduled therapy sessions.

Being a Resource

The therapy process and day-to-day living can be a struggle at times. Our clinical team is here to address issues and help get everyone to the bright future that lies ahead.



How do I pay for Therapy?

ABA Therapy is a science-based therapy that is covered by most insurance carriers.

Click here for a list of providers.

If you do not have insurance or your insurance provider doesn’t cover ABA Therapy, please reach out and we can discuss what your options are.


The thought of affording therapy can be scary, but here at Bright Futures we want to ensure all children have the opportunity to get this life-changing therapy. We will try to help any way we can.

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