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Every situation is unique and the best treatment plan is one designed to fit each child’s specific needs. Each type of therapy has its own benefits. After the intake and evaluation, our clinical team will work with you to find the most beneficial therapy plan for you and your family.

In Home Therapy

In-home therapy is designed to allow your child to work on skills in a place of comfort, so real-life everyday skills can be mastered. A therapist from Bright Futures will come to your home in order to achieve the daily skills necessary for your child to succeed.

All therapies can be provided in the home environment, whether it is the initial intake or the weekly therapy sessions. In addition to the goals and skills that have been identified during the initial intake, some skills we may work on include:

  1. Communicating with family members

  2. Activities of daily living

  3. Academics

  4. Potty training

  5. Play and leisure skills

Bright Futures encourages families to be as involved as possible during in-home therapy sessions to ensure the skills practiced can be worked on outside of the scheduled sessions. For families who may not be able to participate or observe therapy sessions, we offer a convenient app to keep you up to date with daily activities and progress towards goals.

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