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Every situation is unique and the best treatment plan is one designed to fit each child’s specific needs. Each type of therapy below has its own benefits. After the intake and evaluation, our clinical team will work with you to find the most beneficial therapy plan for you and your family.

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Initial Intake

Our clinical director (BCBA) will use proven tools and techniques to do an initial evaluation which includes the following:

  •  Caregiver interview

  • Observation to observe your child’s strengths, weaknesses, and behavioral needs

  • Structured skills and behavioral assessments

  • Description of ABA treatment hour recommendation

  • Creation of an behavior intervention plans and skill acquisition plans

In Home Therapy

Therapy designed to allow your child to work on skills in a place of comfort for the child, so real-life everyday skills can be mastered. A Therapist from Bright Futures ABA will come to your home in order to achieve the daily skills necessary for your child to succeed.

All therapies can be provided in the home environment, whether that is the initial intake or the weekly therapy sessions. Along the same lines as the goals and skills that have been identified during the initial intake, some crucial skills to work on in correlation with:

  1. Communicating with family members

  2. Activities of Daily Living

  3. Play and leisure skills

  4. Potty Training

  5. Academics


Bright Futures ABA encourages families to be as involved as possible in home therapy sessions to ensure these skills can be worked on outside of a traditional therapy setting. For families who may not be able to stay involved, even with at-home therapy, bright futures offers a convenient app for all our parents to keep you up to date with daily activities and programs towards goals.

Social Skills Group

A crucial component of ABA Therapy is working on how your child adapts to social situations. Helping to ensure the correct response across a wide range of social situations is best managed during social skills groups.


This therapy is provided across a broad range of situations while constructing an inclusive environment with peers who are on the same social skill level.


Working on communication and social skills in these environments can create good social habits and work on providing lasting life skills. Engaging with peers leads to problem solving, flexibility, properly dealing with emotions, and learning age appropriate topics.


Group activities provide a safe place for children to develop real-life skills, in order to set them up for a lifetime of success.


The new normal is providing services and working remotely. ABA therapy is no different, we can provide Telehealth (video conferences) which is a convenient real-time therapy session which eliminates barriers to receiving this life-changing therapy. A secure HIPAA compliant link will be provided in order to ensure the safety and well being of the children receiving “Tele-Therapy.”

School Based Therapy

Bright Futures ABA partners with school districts across the Greater St. Louis area to provide specialized ABA Therapy that is supportive of the educational process. Our therapists are trained to work closely with teachers and other school staff to help your child achieve their academic goals. 



Your wonderful child is not the only one who needs assistance and support during the therapy process. Bright Futures provides training, consultations, and other services through our BCBA. This process includes: 

Parent Training

To help parents address certain challenging behaviors properly.

On-Going Behavior Consultations

To help parents in problem solving for issues that arise outside of therapy.


These consultations will also be to provide updates and encourage parents to work on skills outside of normal therapy sessions.

Being a Resource

The therapy process and day-to-day living can be a struggle at times. Our clinical team is here to address issues and help get everyone to that bright future that lies ahead.

How do I pay for Therapy?

ABA Therapy is a science-based therapy that is covered by most insurance carriers.

Click here for a list of providers.

If you do not have insurance, or your insurance provider doesn’t cover ABA Therapy please reach out and we can discuss what your options may be.


The thought of affording therapy can be scary, but here at Bright Futures, we want to ensure all children have an opportunity to get this life-changing therapy and will try and help any way we can.

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